Premium herbal detox foot pads

Product Description

Nowadays, we are constantly exposed to environmental pollution and even if we try to eat healthy foods. As a result of this, our body suffers from a high percent of toxins. That’s one of the reasons we always feeling stress, lack of energy, sleeplessness and so on. And here is the solution. You can start to get it of all of those problems with just simply applying these detox pads on your feet, even when you’re sleeping. This Premium herbal detox foot pad contains vitamin C help cell repair, lavender essence relieving nervous tension, and radix improve circulation. Perfect! Buy it now!


  • Rich in lavender essence
  • Replenish the nutrients needed by the skin
  • Helps relive and repair the foot skin
  • Clearing damp dissipates cold air and strengthens the constitution


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Our Cause

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